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Sitting in the Holy Space

Last week, I had the opportunity to worship with the Old Town House Church in Fort Collins, which is a part of the Mustard Seed House Churches in the Northern Colorado Area. If I’m being completely honest, I had no clue what a House Church looked like, who was in them, what you did at a House Church; I was completely ignorant.

However, despite my complete lack of knowledge, I was welcomed into the house church with open arms. There was an intimate setting of people, eight people including Pastor Andy and myself, and the age range varied greatly! There were people ranging from a young man who I would guess was in his early twenties all the way to people that were old enough to be his grandparents (one man even was on the same floor of a dorm at CSU as my great uncle in 1964, so small world!). And yet, there was no disparity in the community because of the age gap. We sat together as peers, fully engaged and listening to one another.
Once everybody had gathered, we all made our plates. …

Young Adults in Global Mission: Michelle Moyer

The Rocky Mountain Synod is blessed to be sending four Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) abroad this August to engage in an intentional year of service around the world. I reached out to them in hopes that I could share their stories and the amazing ministry that they’re about to start with the rest of the Synod.

Michelle Moyer is one of the Young Adults leaving in August; she will be spending a year in Central Europe. Read her story below:

My name is Michelle Moyer! I am a lifelong Lutheran -- I grew up attending Advent Lutheran Church in Westminster, CO. I just graduated with a B.S. in Zoology from Colorado State University, where I actively attended and participated in Lutheran Campus Ministry (LuMin). In my free time, I watch Rockies baseball, study birds, and sing.

I was first introduced to the YAGM program the summer of 2013, before I started college, when I was lucky enough to be a part of the team visiting the Rocky Mountain Synod's companion synods in Madagascar. For t…

Lives of Leadership and Service

Spirituality. Simplicity. Intentional Community. Service. These are the four tenets that Urban Servant Corps volunteers live by each day. Their mission statement reads that Urban Servant Corps is a faith-based, intentional community of full-time volunteers who seek to live simply while serving and accompanying those most in need at non-profit partner agencies in the heart of Denver. Volunteers come to Denver, live in the Urban Servant Corp house, and spend the year as a full time volunteer working with one of the non-profits in the Denver area.
I had the opportunity to meet with Krista and Sarah (the Executive Director and Community Life Coordinator for Urban Servant Corps) at the SAME Cafe on Colfax, which is a restaurant that allows people to pay what they can for a meal, as well as work a half hour for a meal. Their slogan states, “So all can eat.” It will be a service site for one of the volunteers starting in August. At lunch, Krista and Sarah explained how these tenets are live…