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Congregational Development Training at Bethany Lutheran

Last week,(August 22-27) Bethany Lutheran Church in Cherry Hills Village, CO, served as a Church-wide learning center for over 300 registered to attend the ELCA Congregational Development Training Conference. This semiannual event is usually housed in a hotel, but Bethany opened its doors for this training that included several firsts.

There were an historic number of Mission Developer and leadership training “tracks” that included:
·African National New Start ministries ·Asian Ministries, New Starts—a first ·Churches starting Churches track ·Homeless and Justice ministries ·Latino/Latina ministries: REDIL (Ecumenical Network of Latino/Latina Church Development including ELCA, Episcopal, UCC and PCUSA leaders) ·Multicultural Urban New Starts ·Postmodern New Starts ·Prison Congregations of America ·Recovery Ministries—another first!

The training included a cohort from congregational leaders and Pastor Redevelopers in Redevelopment ministries from around the ELCA.

On Friday, August 25, the…