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RMS Spotlight: Urban Servant Corps

Emilee Martell was born and raised in western Wisconsin, and studied English and Environmental Studies at St. Olaf College. As part of her Urban Servant Corp year, she serves at EarthLinks, a garden and workshop where people experiencing homelessness can gain work skills, housing assistance, and a welcoming community. 
Several times lately, I've been asked, "So, is this year of service thing turning out like you expected?" The answer, paradoxically, is entirely yes and entirely no. Before I came to Denver, I understood, on a basic level, what the year would hold: intentional community with six other people, full-time work at a nonprofit, reflections, conversations, and hard questions. But I didn't have the faintest idea what all that would actually look like, once we actually began.
And, to be honest, my expectations are still misty. But here's what it's looked like so far:
The ride in from Denver Airport with a friend, zipping across the flat, dusty fields--ecs…